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What makes our work special?  Our unwavering  desire to create precious metal wearable art pieces designed to compliment the wearer for years to come.  We are often asked, “what is the finish on the work?” – “elbow grease” is what creates the high shine.  There are approximately 13 steps from inception to completion. One of those steps is an acid wash that eliminates a grayness called fire scale caused by the heat of the torch at the same time the acid etches out some of the copper alloy in the sterling so we are left with a higher content of silver.  All this contributes to the beautiful mirror shine. 

Cleaning and maintaining your pieces.  Everything needs cleaning your clothes, home, vehicles in order to maintain a presentable appearance why should jewelry be any different?   We have found that Windex with ammonia is your best friend for the precious metal.  It cuts body film, oils, lotions and soap residue.  If you have something stubborn on the metal use in conjunction with a silver/gold polishing cloth.  Have you ever noticed how your yellow gold seems to darken? – it’s dirty.  “What about my stones?” Most cabochon stones a gentle soap and water will remove dirt so day to day wearing keeps them clean.  Some stones such as Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Opals are porous and appreciate a little oil -mineral,baby from time to time and do not appreciate situations where they could easily dry out, e.g. sitting on a window sill in the sun. Faceted stones are a different “animal” they are like mirrors and show all the substances they are exposed to throughout our busy days and tend to “cloud” up over time.  We use large stones so the exposure surface to the elements is greater.  Take the Windex and heavily spritz under the stone, take a soft toothbrush and scrub under the stone, rinse with hot water and dry with a hair dryer (no water spots) – bingo like new.  We sell a White Topaz, minimum one carat upwards to 15 carats imagine a Diamond that big  while beautiful, needs regular cleaning to show off its facets.  Please note no ultra sonics on any green stones, e.g., Peridot, Emerald as these stones are ultra sensitive to this process and may crack or shatter.

These simple tips will maintain your beautiful one of a kind pieces for years to come. Enjoy!!

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