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Frequently Asked Question

What kind of Silver is this?

This is called Brittania Silver which is a higher content that Sterling there by reducing tarnishing factor,

Are the pieces heavy?
NO! Necklaces weigh approximately 2oz. Earrings you don't know you are wearing. Our work is designed to make a statement not feel like one.

How do I keep the Silver shiny?
We recommend window cleaner containing Ammonia. The ammonia cuts body oils and finger prints or wash in oil cutting dish detergent and warm water, dry with micro fiber cloth. 

Can I wear the Silver in the Pool
NO, chlorine is a bleach and will oxidize the Silver. If this happens by accident the piece can easily be restored to its former beauty.

Do you make the pieces?
YES! Alex and Gail design and create each and every piece by hand.
Each piece is an original wearable art piece.