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Sapphire Blue Quartz Silver & Gold rings.

  • 29500

Only the price will tell you this is not Sapphire.  The color has been fused through the Quartz.  All these stones have been designed on silver "flip" rings (called so as one side flips up straight creating a flat side (see 2nd image herewith).  All pieces except C have been accented with 14kt gold.  The flat side is always worn towards the middle of the hand.  This is a very comfortable ring.

A) 1/2"long x 3/4"wide; B) 3/4"long x 1/2"wide; C) 1/2" x 1/2"; D) 1/2" x 1/2"; E) 3/8"long x 1/4"wide; F) 7/8"long x 1/2" wide

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