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Ruby, Raw, Silver & Gold Rings

Ruby, Raw, Silver & Gold Rings

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Raw Rubies are what rubies look like before they are cut or faceted.  As with a gemstone the quality of the material will dictate the cutting.  These are cabochon gemstones.  The finest $$$$$ ruby has a pure vibrant red but ranges to purplish red color which is what we have here.  All styles except E are designed on a saddle band (think English riding saddle wide and smooth on top narrow underneath). E is designed on a "flip" band (cigar shape with one side flat which is worn towards middle of hand).  All the rings are accented with 14 karat gold.  A) 7/8"long x 3/4"wide; B) 3/4"long x 5/8"wide; C) 5/8"long x 1/2"wide; D) 5/8"long x 1/2"wide; E) 1/2" x1/2".

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