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Citrine Silver & Gold Rings

Citrine Silver & Gold Rings

  • 49500

A, B & E are designed on saddle bands (think English riding saddle, wide and smooth on top, narrow underneath).  C & D are designed on flip bands (think cigar band one side flipped up to be flat) the flat side is worn towards the middle of the hand.  A,B,D,C are accented with 14 karat gold.  A) Whiskey Citrine 30 carats, checkerboard cut. 1 1/2"long x 1" wide. Beads are gold.  B( 1"long x 1 1/4" wide 2 leaves and beads are gold. C) 1"long x 3/4"wide beads are gold. D) 5/8"long x 1/2"wide beads are gold.  E) middle stone Amethyst 1 1/2"long x 3/4"wide, all silver.

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