Opal Ethiopian Welo Silver & Gold Ring

By markszjewelry.com

$ 1,895.00

Ethiopian Welo Opal, 12carats, solid no backing.  Ethiopian Opal is top crystal material meaning is has high transparency, generally considered to be the finest quality of Opal.  The colors are evenly spread through the entire gem. This is a hydrophane stone which means it can soak up water.  If placed in water the Opal will become glass clear when removed it will get milky and after several days will return to its former beauty. Also making it a stronger Opal that those from Australia allowing them to even be carved.

We have set this Opal on our saddle band where all the design is on top of the finger and just a narrow band underneath. A half band of 14kt gold warms the colors within the stone.  Length of ring measures 1 1/8" by 1"wide.

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