Ruby Natural Silver & Gold Rings

By markszjewelry.com

$ 995.00

Natural Rubies that are NOT heated or treated are easy to distinguish if they have natural inclusions inside. There are various treatments costing up to many thousands of dollars to perfect a Ruby.  Our stones range in color from cranberry to pink. Except for D which is referred to as pigeon blood.  All have been designed on our smooth sided band (worn towards center of hand) EXCEPT A which is on a saddle band all have been accented with 14kt gold.

A) 1"longx3/4"wide - 10.5cts.; B) 3/4"longx3/4"wide - 12cts. C) 3/4"longx5/8"wide - 6cts;

D) 1/2"longx1/2"wide - 3/4ct. E) 1/2"longx1/2"wide - lct. F) 3/4"longx1/2"wide - 3cts.total, 2nd stone Aquamarine

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