Lapis Lazuli Silver Rings

By markszjewelry.com

$ 265.00

Lapis Lazuli the first gem stone to have been used in jewelry, the symbol of success.  The finest comes from Afghanistan, the richest blues and the most sparkly pyrite.  This material is from Afghanistan. Rings A to D are all designed on our saddle band, all the design is on top of the finger and just a narrow band underneath. Ring E is on a regular cigar band with one side flat and smooth which is worn towards the inside of the hand.

A) 1 1/2"longx1 1/4"wide; B) 1 1/4"longx1"wide; C) 1"longx3/4"wide; D) 1 1/4longx7/8"wide;

E) 1"longx3/4"wide.

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