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Cobalt Blue Quartz Silver & Gold Rings

  • 48500

Cobalt blue Quartz from Madagascar.  A cross in color between Tanzanite and Sapphire, but, much harder.  All are accented with 14kt Gold.

  B, & C are flat sides rings and would be worn with the flat side towards the center of the hand, gemstone towards the body.  D,E & F are designed on saddle bands (think English riding saddle).   A) 1 1/2"long x 1"wide; B) 1"long x 7/8"wide; C) 5/8"long x 5/8"wide; D) 1"long x 3/4"wide; E) 1 1/4"long x 1"wide.

*****15% restocking fee on all and any sized rings that are returned.******

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